Tax Investigation Specialists

Taxes are a vital part of a business. They need to be carefully calculated and sorted out accurately. They need to be kept as organised and definite as possible, because HMRC could randomly select you for an investigation of your tax return without needing a reason. That’s why, here at Gondal Accountancy, our team of tax adviser are here to help you, keeping your tax accounts fool proof.

At Gondal Accountancy we have a Charter Tax Adviser (the highest tax qualification in the UK) with experience and his team helping individuals and businesses with tax investigations and voluntary tax disclosures issues. As a Tax Investigation Specialist we can manage the full process on your behalf or advise you the best strategy to approach.

How do i Know if HMRC is Investigating me?

Your company records will face a lot of inspection, depending on the reason for the investigation. You will receive a letter from HMRC in a brown envelope, telling you whether the investigation is due to late file returns, high costs that are above the norm or just because you work in a sector that HMRC have decided to target. At Gondal Accountancy, your tax adviser or tax accountant can help you gather the financial records that you will need to submit. This could include VAT records, bank or credit card statements and payroll records.

What are the Likely Outcomes?

The most likely outcomes are overpaid tax, underpaid tax, and deliberate misconduct. If you have overpaid tax, you will receive a refund with interest. Alternatively, if you have underpaid tax, you will be required to pay any overdue tax within a month possibly with interest. Deliberate misconduct is the most serious one as it can result in a criminal investigation. In this case you will have to pay a penalty depending on why it happened and whether you informed HMRC about any possible mistakes.

Main areas we Assist with Tax Issues

  • managing tax risks
  • all types of tax enquiries and investigations, including PAYE, self assessment, national insurance, VAT and the Special Compliance Office
  • advice on HMRC powers to demand documentation and information
  • negotiating with HMRC on your behalf, to ensure the best possible outcome to any tax disputes, appeals and tribunals
  • specialist investigations cases, including tax avoidance and fraud
  • VAT investigations
  • due diligence reviews and health checks
  • defence advisery services in tax prosecutions

If you are under investigation by HMRC or have any tax related issues, our Chartered Tax Adviser with his team can provide you HELP and ADVISE needed to personals and businesses