Accountants For Sole Traders

As a sole trader, your time needs to be managed properly, and sometimes, accounting matters can sometimes be at the bottom of your priority list. That’s why, a trustworthy accountant is vital in ensuring that your finance is coordinated to stop you from falling behind.

Our dedicated team of Experienced accountants are available to offer you the support and guidance you need to ensure your business thrives. To find out more about our services, contact us today.

Our Main Sole Traders & Self Employed Accounting Services


If you are spending too much time writing up books we can provide a bookkeeping service for you.We can provide weekly, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services using industry leading software to suit your needs. We can provide services in house, on site or remotely.


As your business grows and its income increases, you’ll have to start paying VAT. Gondal Accountancy will help you choose the best method of paying VAT for your business.We take the fear out of sorting out your VAT and ensure that your obligations are met on time, and your returns are filed correctly.

Personal Tax

As a sole trader or a director of a business, you’ll need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return each year. As you grow and are able to hire employees, Gondal Accountancy can take the hard work out of your hands, doing things such as administrating PAYE, National Insurance, and statutory sick pay.

Sole Traders Tax and Accounts FAQs

Nowadays, there are many people who call themselves accountants without having the necessary qualifications. However, at Gondal Accountancy, we are Qualified Accountants in the UK. We are also certified partners with small business accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent.

If you have completed a paper return, it must reach HMRC by October 31st and if you have done it online, it must be submitted by 31st January. A £100 fine is automatically given if you do not file the return in time. The longer you delay the return, the more you will be fined.

Yes, we can help you with all that and much more. Our specialist accountants are qualified to help you with all your accounting needs as well as giving you advice on all your financial requirements.

You will most likely receive a fine that you will have to pay on top of any tax you have due if it is discovered that you have not declared all your income.

The simplest way to do this is monthly direct debit. We can arrange for you to complete the necessary forms to set this up.

The tax year is from 6th April to 5th April each year.

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