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Welcome to Birmingham Accountants for Tax, your premier destination for expert tax services in the heart of Birmingham. We pride ourselves on being tax specialists, boasting a team of Chartered Tax Advisors and Chartered Accountants committed to delivering unparalleled expertise, personalized service, and a commitment to ensuring your financial success through strategic tax planning.

Tax Advice for all kinds of client

As Chartered tax advisors who are based in Birmingham, we specialise in providing tax advice for businesses of all sectors and sizes, including start-ups, individuals, freelancers and established medium and small businesses. Our qualified team of Chartered Tax Advisors are available throughout the day to discuss all your taxing needs, whether it be via face to face meeting or an arranged phone call. We are here to give you an overview of all your liabilities, allowing you to be tax compliant, as well as helping you to achieve your business goals through our business and tax advice.

HMRC Tax Investigations

Navigating an HMRC Tax Investigation requires expertise and diligence. Our team, equipped with Chartered Tax Advisors, can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and a resolution that safeguards your interests.

R&D Tax Credits

Maximize your innovation efforts with our R&D Tax Credits service. Our experts can help you identify eligible activities and ensure you receive the tax credits you deserve. .

Personal Tax Advice

For individuals seeking personalized tax advice, our Chartered Tax Advisors are ready to provide guidance, helping you optimize your financial position and navigate the complexities of personal taxation.

Business Tax Advice

Our Chartered Accountants specialize in offering tailored Business Tax Advice, helping your company strategically plan for taxes, reduce liabilities, and optimize financial performance.

Capital Gains Tax Advice

Considering a sale or disposal of assets? Our experts provide comprehensive Capital Gains Tax Advice, ensuring you understand the implications and make informed decisions.

Curious about our tailored services crafted by our expert tax accountants?

Feel free to further customize this content based on your specific offerings and the unique strengths of your team in handling HMRC Tax Investigations, R&D Tax Credits, Personal Tax Advice, Business Tax Advice, and Capital Gains Tax Advice.


Your Trusted Local Partners

As Birmingham's trusted accounting firm, we bring a deep understanding of the local business landscape and tax regulations. Our Chartered Tax Advisors and Chartered Accountants uphold a client-centric approach fostering lasting relationships built on trust and transparency.

Tax Advice FAQs

At Gondal Accountancy, we have Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA Qualified) from the leading professional body concerned solely with taxation, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). The Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is the highest level of Tax Qualification in the UK.

We are a practice of Qualified Accountants and Certified Tax Advisor. We are the Tax Accountants who can not just provide accounting but all your specialists tax needs including Tax Planning, Capital gains Advice, R&D Tax Credits and Tax Investigation.

We offer personalised accounting services to suit your business needs. Often, we provide our clients with services such as bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll, end of year accounts and much more. We provide you with a personal accountant who can provide you with a package tailored to suit your exact requirements.

If you have completed a paper return, it must reach HMRC by October 31st and if you have done it online, it must be submitted by 31st January. A £100 fine is automatically given if you do not file the return in time. The longer you delay the return, the more you will be fined.