HGV Drivers & Lorry Drivers in the UK

Did you know? You can claim over £2,000 worth of cashback if you qualify for the HGV tax rebate. Lorry drivers (and Heavy Good Vehicle operators) are advised to apply for tax returns if they have worked in this designation or have driven these vehicles in the last four years.

How Can We Help?

Gondal Accountancy provides customised consultancy services for new and former drivers. Our accountancy services for HGV are available for everyone. It includes anyone working for a limited agency or umbrella company.
Once we hear from you, our qualified accountants will review your records. We shall share one-on-one advice and file the paperwork ourselves if you meet the eligibility requirements.

HGV Tax Rebate Claims: What Can It Include?

As a lorry/HGV driver, you are entitled to claim back the following expenses:

LGV/HGV license

Application expenses include costs for passport photos for the license and medical bills.

Digital Tachograph Drivers’ Card

Uniform Tax Relief

It includes costs for cleaning your special uniform at home.

Specialist Clothing

It includes a high-visibility vest, jacket, steel-capped work boots, gloves and other mandatory protective gear).

Certificate of Professional Competence

Tool Tax Rebate

Acceptable for tools and specialised equipment you purchase to maintain your vehicle.

Meal Allowance

The meal allowance is available for HGV drivers on the road for more than eight hours or working away from home during the day. HGV tax rebate claims can reimburse you for meals bought during the shift.

Overnight Allowance

Drivers on the road during the night or travelling intercity qualify for an overnight allowance. This includes meal expenses, and overnight parking costs paid out of pocket (i.e. not by your employers).

Tax officers will only accept applications that include complete paperwork, relevant receipts and invoices as evidence. Therefore, we advise you to keep a record of your receipts and bills. You can make digital copies as a backup. Our qualified accountants can ensure all your expenses are filed for the HGV driver tax rebate.

Is It Too Late to File Your Claim?

Former and current HGV drivers are eligible for an HGV tax rebate claim if they have held this position for up to four years.
The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) permits licensed drivers to backdate tax claims for at least four years of service under an authorised company. Your employers can be different within the designated period if you submit the required paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?

Here are some things you may want to know

Yes, the HMRC permits HGV drivers that own a company a self-employed status. You must register as a sole trader to qualify for tax rebate claims under this category.

The IR35 regulations prevent HGV drivers from avoiding income tax by registering with intermediary companies and are held accountable for their actions. By law, every registered HGV driver needs to pay taxes through PAYE and National Insurance.

Yes, owner-drivers registered as self-employed workers at the HMRC can run an Ltd company.

Most work-related expenses like application expenses for the license, buying specialised clothing, truck maintenance and meal allowances can be claimed from HMRC.

Yes, tax rebate claims for HGV drivers include meal allowance for food and drinks purchased on the road.

Bolt drivers can claim mileage allowance from HMRC. Standard tax returns offer 45p/mi for an estimated 10.000 miles and 25p/mi for longer distances.

Employers can pay their HGV drivers a night-out allowance without tax deductions.

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